Why Learning Proper Form for Exercises is Important

July 3, 2022
personal trainer helping woman with exercise

Whether you’re just beginning your fitness journey or are a seasoned veteran in the gym, learning and using proper form throughout each exercise is crucial. Although it can be tempting to grab a heavier set of dumbells or add another plate to the bar to get an extra challenge, it’s important to first master the form with bodyweight or light weights. By adding weight that you’re not comfortable with, you may actually be causing more harm than good for your body. Proper form is essential for any exercise, from squats to deadlifts, burpees, and beyond. Here are 3 reasons that proper form is essential for any type of exercise. 

Decrease Your Risk of Injury

One of the most common ways that people get injured while working out is a direct result of improper form. If your body is misaligned or certain muscle groups are overcompensating, it can put excess pressure on joints, tendons, or strain other muscles. This can easily lead to overuse and acute injuries. The last thing you want to be dealing with is an injury that interrupts your goals. Practicing proper form and building the strength gradually over time will greatly decrease your risk of injury. 

Engage the Intended Muscles for Better Results

If you feel like you’ve been working a certain muscle group but aren’t seeing the results you desire, it’s possible that your form may be incorrect. If you’re not using proper form, you may be completely missing the muscle group that you intended to target. For example, if you’re doing tricep extensions to grow this muscle, but are using a weight that is much too heavy for you to control, it’s likely that you’re using more than just your tricep to complete the exercise. Starting with a more manageable weight that allows you to perform each rep slow and controlled with proper form will ensure you are targeting the correct muscle effectively, and you’ll see results quicker! 

Control Your Energy Expenditure 

Practicing proper form during exercise also helps improve your breathing, and in return give you more power for your workout. It also helps to control the movement and prevents you from using more energy than necessary. For example, if you’re using your whole body to lift a dumbbell while doing a bicep curl, this improper form is forcing you to use energy from your whole body to lift this weight because it’s too heavy for you. Using proper form, and just contracting your bicep to perform this movement will conserve energy throughout the rest of the body, while targeting the intended muscle. 

Mastering Proper Form at Boston Athletic Club 

It’s evident that understanding and practicing proper form is crucial to a successful fitness journey. It can seem like a difficult skill to master, but with the assistance of a personal trainer, you’ll be confident with your form in no time! Get in contact with the certified personal trainers at Boston Athletic Club today to get started and learn how to efficiently perform exercises. 

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