What makes you think you’re ready for golf?

December 7, 2021

We’ve made it- it’s the time of year people start planning for spring. Fantasizing about better weather and what they will be doing in June. A lot of people are organizing annual golf trips or making plans for their own personal opening day on the links.

My question is what are you doing to get ready for it? It’s an honest question. You enjoy playing. You’re investing a lot of time, money, and day dreaming into it. But, are you getting ready for it? It’s pretty simple- no matter who you are, you’re not getting any younger, Peter Pan! If you want to enjoy being able to play during the sunny days of summer, you’d better get your ass in gear! I don’t know how much you watch the PGA or read about what your favorite golfers are doing; but, I do know this- they are conditioning. Golf is a tough game on the body and if the best work out you recently had was the fit you threw after watching the Patriots dropped another championship, it’s time to start moving.

There are 3 main components to being in shape for golf. Range of motion, core strength and balance. Let start with range of motion. I want to explain that it is not the same as flexibility. To make a long story short, range of motion has more to do with how your muscles move. Flexibility is the muscles and joints ability to bend. For golf, this means your need proper range of motion not just in your hips, but from your ankles all the way to your forearms. Every joint in your body is connected to this swing. They each have a specific purpose. Once one of your joints start to compensate because of muscle fatigue, your game goes down the toilet. By having better range of motion, you put less stress on your joints, save energy, and swing better. Next is core strength. IT IS NOT DOING SIT UPS OR CRUNCHES. It is the ability of all the muscles attached to your pelvis to stabilize the force you produce with your arms and legs. You’re going to be producing rotational force, sometimes tremendous amounts. The stronger your core, the more efficient you will be at producing force. If you do not use your core when you take those swings, it will lead to injury. The last part is balance. We were just talking about producing force- you cannot produce force without a stable base to work from. Thus, balance can only be achieved if you have proper range of motion and a strong core.

If you want to find out about your range of motion, your core strength and your balance. Contact me at rkreis@bostonathleticclub.com. I’ll put you through a full movement screening and let you know how much work you need to do have the best season of golf you have had in years.

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