What is HIIT Training & Why Does it Work?

November 29, 2021
woman doing interval training

When it comes to losing weight or getting in shape, many people are quick to hop on a piece of cardio equipment or go for a run get a good sweat in. However, this can get monotonous and may actually not be the best solution. What if we told you that you could burn the same amount of calories, or more, in half the time? You’ll no longer have to spend hours on the elliptical or Stairmaster at the gym, and you’ll hardly need any equipment at all. HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is an effective solution that gets your heart rate up quickly. This type of workout consists of performing exercises that require an intense burst of energy, followed by a recovery period. HIIT training is not only good for raising your heart rate but therefore can also give you a metabolism boost and increase your post-recovery fat burn. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of HIIT training, and why many people are making the switch from traditional cardio. 

Increased Heartrate & Metabolism 

HIIT is a versatile form of training that can be done in intervals using solely bodyweight exercises, such as burpees and jumping jacks, or incorporating weight training as well. We recommend including both to get the most effective workout possible. When performing the exercises, you should be pushing your body to use maximum energy, followed by a quick rest period. Because you’re fully exerting yourself, your heart rate stays up for the entire duration of the workout. After your workout, your body works to replenish its energy and repair the muscles, giving you a metabolism boost long after. Therefore, your burning calories not only during your workout but for up to 48 hours after you’re done, too! 

Transform Your Physique

As mentioned above, HIIT is a very effective method when it comes to burning calories. Because this type of training causes a shortage of oxygen during your workout, and also during the recovery period, you’ll be burning even more calories. Did you know that your body burns 5 calories per liter of oxygen consumed? The amount of oxygen that your body requires makes HIIT a highly effective method to burn calories. Additionally, you’ll be building muscle mass and muscle retention, especially when incorporating heavier weights into the exercises. One pound of muscle burns more than one pound of fat will, giving you even more of a metabolism boost to burn calories! 

Quick & Convenient 

With HIIT, there are no excuses; It’s the perfect cardio go-to if you’re crunched for time or limited on equipment! You can squeeze in an effective HIIT workout even if you only have a half-hour at the gym, or are on vacation and have limited equipment. You can even take your workout outdoors to enjoy some fresh air!

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