TRX Body Blasting Circuit

December 7, 2021

Ever wonder what that yellow and black strappy-thing is doing dangling from the ceiling at the gym?? It’s a TRX! It’s a great suspension training tool that you should learn more about! It can provide an easily modified program, depending on how you’re feeling on any given day. It’s easy to advance these exercises and grow stronger through your whole body!

Try this TRX circuit from Brandon and Janine to get comfortable with this equipment and have a satisfying workout today! You can find TRX in the ERG Center Field House or downstairs in the core/stretching room across from the weight room past the racquetball courts.

Complete 8-10 repetitions of each for 20-30min & get a sweat on!

  1. Reverse lunge with hip flexion

    Keep hands lightly on handles, using for support as needed. Work with 1 leg at a time, taking a large step back with your chest up. Bend both knees, allowing the back knee to come straight down to the ground. Step forward, driving the knee up to the chest for 8-10reps. Repeat on the other leg.+ To advance: lunge jumps 

  2. Rows

    Holding the handles and stepping forward with your feet to an appropriately challenging angle, let your arms go long with palms down. Leading with your chest, bend your elbows, and pull yourself up toward the TRX, turning your palms in toward one another, while squeezing your shoulder blades together. Control the lowering to starting position.+ To advance: Step forward to increase your angle underneath the TRX.


  3. Jump Squats

    These will surely bring up your heart rate! With hands on the handles, sit into your squat. Use the handles for support as needed, jump out of your squat, and sink back down into a controlled, soft landing. – To modify: Body weight squats only


  4. Pushups

    Facing away from the wall, place hands on handles and shift body weight forward with arms in a pushup position. Keep your arms slightly forward so the strap does not rub against your forarm as you slowly lower your chest toward your hands to a 90 degree angle. Push-up and away from the hands. + To advance: Step further back underneath the TRX

fullsizerender105. Bridges

Sitting in front of the TRX, place your heels in the loops and lay on your back. Keeping legs straight, squeeze your glutes to lift your hips off the mat. Slowly roll your back down to the mat and repeat. + To advance: Perform same action with bent knees.


6. Mountain Climber

To finish, flip over (now facing away from the TRX; and, place the tops of your feet into the loops. Support yourself with hands under the shoulders and straight arms in a high plank. Keeping one leg straight, draw the opposite knee into the chest and switch. – To modify: Maintain high plank position with toes pointing away from you and hips up slightly to support the low back.

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