The Importance of Cooling Down After You Exercise

December 7, 2021

A cool down should be an essential part of your workout. A cool down will help your heart rate and breathing slow down back to your normal rhythm. Once you know and understand the science behind cooling down, you may be more likely not to skip it. 

Important Benefits of Cooling Down

If you ever feel tempted to skip a cool down after a workout, remember these key factors on why it’s important to cool down:

  • Brings the heart rate down. Most forms of exercise will increase your heart rate and if you are doing any sort of cardio, then your heart rate will rise substantially. At the end of your workout, you should aim to have your heart rate slowly return to its normal rate. This will help you if you ever feel faint or lightheaded after a workout. 
  • Helps prevent sore muscles. After a hard workout, it’s common to feel stiff or sore. A cool down exercise will help your body recover so you don’t become sore or stiff in the few days following the workout. 
  • It will gradually slow down your breathing. As your heart rate increases, so does your breathing. This is a sign that you are working hard and burning calories. A cool down will help your breathing get back to how it was before your workout. 
  • Helps you relax. If you are focusing on your breathing and stretching your muscles, then both your mind and body will feel more relaxed. You will finish your workout feeling accomplished and relaxed. 

How to Cool Down Properly

One of the major reasons to cool down is to bring your heart rate back down to its resting level. After your workout is done, you should keep your activity level up, just at a slower pace. A typical time for a cool down is about 5 minutes, but if your heart rate is still high then it can last a little longer. Once you’ve slowed down your heart rate, you should stretch out the muscles you just worked. If you have any questions about working out or you want to join our gym in South Boston, MA, call us at 617-269-4300

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