November 29, 2021

Read about our member testimonials to our trainers!

Weight is something with I have struggled with my whole life, I mean, I just LOVE food! I have yoyo’ed and tried a number of diets in the past that would work for a while and then I would stop and, well, you know how it goes. Looking at the pictures my family had taken from Christmas 2015, I thought something had to change. I am 5’3” and in my “before” picture I weighed 165lbs and 38% body fat. I remember having a conversation with my dad on our way home and being hesitant to spend time/money on a personal trainer. My dad told me, “any investment in yourself is one worth making.” So I did it, I started working with Caitlin in Jan 2016. Caitlin helped me target my goals, create a personalized workout routine, and helped me remain motivated/accountable.  As a nurse- I thought I knew my stuff about health and nutrition, but I had so much to learn. I am now 133lbs and 23% body fat. I feel great about myself and hope to continue my progress. The main thing I learned from Caitlin is how to make a lifestyle change- you can still enjoy life and make smart choices too. Life does not need to be a yoyo. For me- consistency and education were key. Want to make a good investment? Make it in yourself! 


“Last August I decided I needed a good exercise and chose swimming. Since I hadn’t been swimming in about 35 years I decided I needed help, so I hired a coach. Part of the goal was to swim around an island in Lake Winnipesaukee. I had charted the course and shared my goal with my swim coach (Terry Walsh). This was the morning I realized that goal.”

“Thank you so much for the fitness consultation.  It totally exceeded my expectations and I feel re-energized and excited to practice the new things – particularly push-ups!!!  I love the band-assisted push-ups!  Who would have thought? That is my new goal for this year – mastering push-ups.  I feel like all of the recommendations are pretty easy to add into my routine.”

“In September of 2016 I started training at the Boston Athletic Club with an amazing gal named Janine. She has held me accountable to change unhealthy habits and replace them with good ones, especially habits that make me sweat 🙂 Along with taking care of the added LBs that come with wining and dining and old age (I kid I kid!), Janine also has my training focused explicitly on conquering the steep, rocky, unbelievably steep trails of Mt Washington.”

“I have been working with Luke for nearly two months after a 16 year absence from the gym.  He is extremely knowledgeable and very good about explaining the details and benefits of each exercise.  Most importantly, he listens and patiently works with me through the many challenges of having been injured and having taken off so much time from tennis and working out.  I look forward to training with Luke for a long time to come.”

“I hate change, which led to years of doing the same thing at the gym with little results.  When I started at the Boston Athletic Club this year, I decided to commit to personal training and totally switch up my routine.   Training helped me feel comfortable in a new gym and comfortable trying new exercises to build strength and lose weight.  Luke took the time to listen to my goals and continues to design our sessions around accomplishing them.  He often pushes me beyond what I think I am capable of doing and I always leave a session with him feeling happy and stronger.  Since starting training I have lost over 20 pounds, my clothes fit better, and I feel great.  These changes, I don’t mind!” 


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