Still Springing into Action?!

December 7, 2021

Ok, so now we’re in this! We have our stats from the initial weigh in to week 2, and we’ve begun week 3. How are you feeling? Are you finding your way into a routine that’s sticking? Are you feeling dread on your way to the gym, or are you enjoying the fitness that’s in your schedule? (You should be enjoying it!!) Since we’re such a tech society now-a-days (and I find myself still catching up) that I thought I would provide you with some app suggestions that may help in your path to change in no particular order:

  1. Healthy Out– Helps you see ‘healthier’ food options in your area to order for take-out
  2. My Training (credit here toΒ a Spring into Action participant)- a pretty extensive app that allows you to log your training programs and search for programs to use with videos of exercises if you don’t want to carry a notebook with your programs around the club πŸ˜‰
  3. Spark People– provides you with an online community of people with goal setting, calorie, and fitness tracking.
  4. Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes– Not necessarily all the healthiest of recipes, but certainly better than most to help with your week’s food preparation if you have a slow cooker or were thinking of investing!


Now, there are tons of apps out there- we all have the ones we like to use most. Personally, I never pay for any as I feel like I can make perfectly good use of the free ones; but, if you have one to recommend, free or not- please add a comment!

And let’s not forget the other points that factor into our physical health that may or may not come through on an app:

  • Stress– physical or mental stress can do crazy things to the body- take stock of what stresses you out. What can you do about it? Do you have an outlet?
  • Sleep– How much sleep do you get? Is it restful? Do you fall asleep with a screen in your face (tv or phone, etc.)? Sleep is a HUGE factor in revitalizing your mind and body. How can you get a little more?
  • Sitting/flexibility– Do you sit all day at work? Do you have a long commute? Take breaks every hour- get up and stretch! Keeping this in check and working on your flexibility will help prevent injury and make you feel better!
  • Balance– I mean your physical ability to balance as well as balance in your life. 1) Don’t forget about the importance balance plays in your physical fitness- as we get older it’s very important to prevent injury (and yes, we’re all getting older) 2) Do you have a work/life balance? Many of us would say no. But, perhaps if you tried to find more of a balance, some of the above issues, would decrease a bit and help you on your way to making necessary lifestyle changes for weight loss and health improvements!meditation

Just some food for thought! Tomorrow’s post will have some recipes to recommend for your food prep this weekend- so be sure to come back!

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