Spring into Action Tips & Recipes

December 7, 2021

So here we are, week 2 of Springing into Action! Do you feel like you’ve sprung yet? Do you still have another leap to take? Ghandi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” I don’t think we’re looking to change the world with our 6 week weight-loss challenge (gee, I hope not, or I need to be doing a lot more)! However, you signed-up, because you are looking to make a change with yourself. We often are looking for that ever so rewarding physical change, and we look for it right away. BUT, in order to get to see that benefit, you need to ACTUALLY make a change. Otherwise, the habits that brought you to sign-up for this challenge in the first place, will creep right back!

Check out this previous post by my co-worker, Brandon Drinan, regarding Habit Change


Many times, the change that needs to be made is with diet. So much easier said than done. But, figuring-out what works for your schedule between work, travel, and all other obligations, and what’s realistic, is most important. This is where food preparation comes in. How many times a week do you buy food/eat out? Are you getting your breakfast out? Is lunch provided at your work? Can you make changes to make better choices, or would it be better for you to pack a lunch? Your meals don’t need to come from a page of Julia Child’s cookbook, BUT, meals can be simple with protein and carbohydrates/fiber that come from more vegetable sources to help you cut away the calories. You’ll feel fuller longer, and you’ll be resupplying your body with the nutrients needed to feel restored after time at the gym!

Consider some of these recipes as options for your meals this week. Double recipes and have it ready for a meal another day!

Spicy Pumpkin Seed Cashew Crunch (this one is my new favorite snack- tasty & filling!)

High Protein Shrimp Bowl

Bacon Avocodo Chicken Salad

Baked Hummus Crusted Chicken– I made this for dinner tonight, and made my own hummus this weekend just according to directions on the chickpea package. I cut the recipe in half & had plenty of hummus for the chicken, and for additional snacks with apples or veggies through the week!


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