Power-up with the Sled!

November 30, 2020

If you’re unfamiliar with the strip of turf in the performance training space, you may also be unfamiliar with a heavy-looking piece of equipment called a “sled.” Adding weight to this awkward equipment will turn you into a lean mean leg-strengthening machine! Our sled has a high push position, and a lower handle for a position to make your push a bit more intense (as if this wasn’t challenging enough already)!

Use of the sled can help you build general strength, power, speed, and challenge you anaerobically. There’s much more to this piece of equipment than just the push positions- here are some additional ideas to get you started:

You can wear the harness as pictured below and use it to pull the sled behind you:

You can further use it for a bear crawl (you’re favorite exercise made even better)!

Utilizing the open harness around you waist, you can continue working on your pulling abilities, but you can work laterally or backwards as well.

Another option includes attaching the TRX to do a multi-functional movement of a squat and row to work both lower and upper body to pull the sled down the turf.

Finally, attaching the long rope with it’s anchored loop-end to the low handle will allow you to use your upper body to pull the sled in, and you can do a more compound work-out by pushing it back on the low end: Sled Rope Pull & Push

Ask us how you can make the sled part of your workouts for your fitness goals!

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