Outdoor Fall Activities To Keep You Active

January 19, 2020

It’s that time of the year where leaves begin to change, Halloween is right around the corner, & pumpkin spice is in the air! As the colder weather slowly creeps in, so does the inevitable winter lethargy. This blog is curated for those that like to get out and about and experience the New England fall in its truest splendor. For new ideas for fun, unique, & exercise-oriented fall activities, read on!

Apple Picking

Looking for an active afternoon with the family, with some fitness included here and there? Apple picking is a great activity alone, with family, and even friends; while many people may not consider apple picking a workout, believe it or not, the act of picking, retrieving, and climbing can give various parts of your body a solid workout

Yard Work

Depending on who you ask, yard work can either be a fun task or a grueling chore. If you are one of the individuals who happen to hate yard work but enjoys working out, there is a silver lining! While it may not be the most efficient work out that day, raking leaves and other various lawn projects can burn up to 300 calories an hour!

Beach Day

Okay, this one might seem like a stretch but hear us out! Now that Labor Day has come and gone, chances are good that most beaches from Nahant to Nickerson are desolate & empty. Use this to your advantage for workouts or other calisthenics such as sprints, jogging, walking, using medicine balls, and so forth. Running on the sand works out additional muscles in your lower body as it takes extra effort to maintain balance under the loose sand.

Go For A Ride

A New England Fall offers scenic views at every corner if you are an avid biker and want to soak up the sights while getting a workout, buckle up the helmet and get out there! If you do not have a bike but enjoy the motion, we offer a variety of Spin classes! Please click here to learn more about our class options.

Indoor Sports

If you are an avid tennis, swimmer, racquetball, or basketball, player and haven’t found a court to call home this winter stop by our facility and get your game on!

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