Meet Sarah!

December 7, 2021

Sarah_ziplineHi, my name is Sarah! I am originally from Leominster, MA where I grew up with 3 older brothers and played sports from an early age.  I’ve played soccer, indoor track, and softball, and baseball!

I graduated from Springfield College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Exercise Science and a concentration in Sports Performance. I continued playing soccer in college for a couple of years, until pursuing more endeavors with coaching in my college team strength and conditioning facilities, supervising our student body fitness facility, and networking with others in the fitness world.  I also worked with Division 1 teams at The College of the Holy Cross and Harvard; and, with U-12 & U-14 Soccer groups, youth hockey teams, co-ed mixed sport high school groups, etc.  I’ve worked in a variety of fitness facilities with a variety of age groups from youth to adults, non-athletic to pro-athletes, and I’ve worked with a variety of individuals of varying abilities and with a variety of injuries.

I currently live in Natick and play in an adult (mostly) men’s softball league that I’ve played in for at least 6 years. Although sports are clearly a passion of mine, I also invest a lot of time in family and close friends.  I have 2 nieces and 1 nephew who I absolutely adore, and am close with much of my large extended family, which is mostly centrally located to MA.  I love being outside, playing backyard games, running around, hiking, ultimate frisbee, shooting hoops, pretty much anything you can think of. I may not be good at all these things, but I’ll have fun trying!  Laughing is one of my favorite things!  Although it’s hard for some of us to realize, not everyone enjoys fitness, because it can be REALLY hard for a variety of reasons; but, if we can make it fun/ enjoyable, and laugh a bit, we can start to change the way we look at it, and maybe help change someone else’s life too!

Did you know?! I competed in States as early as a Sophmore in High School for the 1 mile, and my best time for that race is 5:50 flat.  Just goes to show, a “needs analysis” is important… not sure I could run that now, nor would I need to!

If you would like to do your fitness consult, train with Sarah, or you need a great athlete to pull together your rec. league team, the best way to reach Sarah is via email:

Call Now:(617) 269-4300!