Meet Luke!

December 7, 2021

Hey everyone my name’s Luke! I have a brother who’s 3 years older than me and two awesome parents. I was born in upstate New York in a large town called Liverpool outside of Syracuse.. Go Cuse! I love all New York sports including the New York Jets, New York Mets, New York Knicks, and the New York Rangers… Tough to live in Boston with the reigning champion Tom Brady. I digress…


People refer to upstate as a place where there are a lot of farms. I’m not a farm boy, but I do love being outside do anything from playing can-jam or any pick-up games with some friends. I graduated from Liverpool High School playing 4 years of baseball and 2 of soccer. I then went on to college and attended the University of Massachusetts Boston for two years while playing college baseball studying exercise science.  I then transferred to SUNY Brockport (State University of New York). I studied kinesiology for a few years there where I graduated in 2015. Starting there, I grew to appreciate the art of movement with the combination of strength and conditioning.After studying for a year I passed the NSCA-CSCS exam making me an official strength coach.. SUPER pumped. Unfortunately, during that time I had reconstructive surgery on my right ankle. While rehabbing I applied to a plethora of places to become a trainer.


It was then that I found my way to the Boston Athletic Club to be a Personal Trainer and Fitness Consultant! My interests have expanded dramatically in the fitness world learning new things everyday. I am constantly striving to understand more and better my skill set. I know it’s cheesy to say but honestly I love my job and the people I work with! I’m loving getting to know more members as I continue to settle in at the BAC!

Did you know?! Luke is actually more Swiss, than Italian!

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