Meet Jon!

December 7, 2021
Hello! My name is Jon.  I grew up in Needham, MA, originally born in Chicago.  I graduated from Salisbury University in Maryland where I obtained my degree in Exercise Science B.S. and ACSM certification in Exercise Physiology.
I have been a baseball player for all my life and plan to continue to do so for as long as possible. The opportunities that have stemmed from playing baseball have been tremendous. My college career began at Coastal Carolina University, where I was introduced to the field of Exercise Science. Following injuries and reconstructive knee surgery, I collaborated with the athletic training staff. After much physical therapy and rehab, I transferred to Salisbury University, Maryland, where I eventually graduated from. There, I was exposed to an excellent Exercise Science program that led me down this path.
I enjoy a number of other activities, playing / watching and my other favorite sports include football and hockey. I love to be outdoors, travel, and discover new things.
I originally began studying exercise science in order to learn optimal training strategies for my own athletic endeavors. However, the further along I progressed, the more I understood the importance of the components of health and fitness in order to live a healthy lifestyle and how it relates to everybody in daily life.
My experience as a student and an athlete has given me a unique opportunity to view a wide range of aspects involved in training to develop a holistic approach to training. I completed two internships both clinical (orthopedic office), and a total body (core training) in a fitness facility.
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