Meet Janine

December 7, 2021

Janine is an NSCA certified strength & conditioning specialist and has been a personal trainer on the BAC staff for 1.5years. Originally from Connecticut, Janine went to college here in Boston, and fell in love with the city! She has a Bachelor of Science and Masters Degree in Athletic Training. Janine is enjoying stretching her creative writing skills with her work on this blog (and don’t forget to check-out her monthly newsletters)! She loves the outdoors and being by the ocean- her favorite activities are hiking, cycling, mountain biking, and kayaking. She has been spending more of her free time in New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont. Her own personal fitness goals have included running, triathlon training, and strengthening for all of those outdoor activities! Janine has also found a new joy in the kitchen, and specifically cooking healthy, flavorful meals!

Did you know?? Janine has an adorable pet rabbit named Pancake!

If you’re interested in doing a free fitness consult, training with Janine, or just want to find out where to go hiking, the best way to reach her is via email:

Call Now:(617) 269-4300!