Meet Billy!

December 7, 2021

I am a Massachusetts native and Northeastern University graduate and have been personal training for a total of five years.  Exercise, however, has been an intricate part of my entire life.  While at Northeastern I was a member of the University’s power-lifting team, and competed in the sport for three years, both at the local and national level.  I have been exposed to advanced weight training techniques from a scientific approach, influenced primarily from my renowned strength coaches and my hockey background, and I bring a technically-driven style to my training.  I believe in the importance of overall health, the constant pursuit of fitness improvement, safe and effective movements, exercises that people use in their everyday lives, and simply feeling good and increasing one’s longevity.

When I’m not training, I fill my free time with reading, writing, and watching hockey. Any money I find in my pockets I spend on good food and used books.  I will be pursuing a master’s degree in English literature next year that I hope will lead me to a job teaching English at the high school level.

Did you know?! Before Billy started rocking the man bun like Brad Pitt in “Legends of  Fall,” he did have short hair!

If you’re interested in doing a free consult, or training with Billy, or you’d like to attend a poetry slam together, the best way to reach Billy is via email: 

Call Now:(617) 269-4300!