Let the Rhythm Move You!

July 14, 2020

Hey I’m Luke and going to briefly discuss how music can influence exercise!

Without music you have little to no energy. In the fitness industry we are able to utilize music to physically and mentally become more focused by way of creating stimulus which can ultimately lead to optimal performance. This is especially the case with cardiovascular exercise. As exercise intensity increases, so will your desire for fast tempo music.

People tend to gravitate towards different kinds of music to fit their optimal need.  Although it’s very possible to workout without music or music that you don’t like, that percentage is extremely low.  For example, a baseball player has a song picked out specifically before they are ready to walk up to their big moment in the game.  They are trying to increase their ability to perform just by what song is playing at that moment.  This is the same concept before we workout!  Getting out of work playing Thunderstuck by AC/DC or Lose Yourself by Eminem on the ride over to the gym.  You drop your stuff off and change in the locker room.  In your Nike or Lulu lemon gear with music blasting in your earbuds YOU ARE IN THE ZONE.  Add a little beta alanine and you’re unstoppable. 

Here are some tips for music tempo choices depending on your mode of exercise:

  • cycling 60-110bpm
  • high impact/intensity exercise 135-155bpm
  • low-impact exercise 120-140bpm

If you are a Spotify user, I highly recommend their pre-made “Mint” playlist. It’s got the fast beats you need to pick you up and help you dominate your workout!

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