Policies & Procedures

May 30, 2023
  1. Any and all special needs and / or physical limitations must be disclosed at time of registration, in order for us to consider any necessary accommodations for your child.
  2. Every child must enter the facility accompanied by an adult, and be dropped off to the Instructor at the appropriate class time.
  3. Every child must be picked up by a responsible adult promptly at the end of class,
    at the designated location.
  4. No child may be left unattended in the facility at any time.
  5. Children should be encouraged to use the restrooms before class. If your child requires assistance in the restroom, a parent or guardian must be available.
  6. Dress code will be enforced for all classes.
  7. Children’s Programs is sensitive to children’s allergies. When snack or lunch is required for a program, please provide healthy, peanut-free choices.
  8. For the safety of all students, no parents and / or family members are allowed to remain in the pool area during class time, with the exception of Family Swim and Parent/Tot Time. (The Spin and Mind Body Studio are not considered waiting areas and children are allowed in these studios at any time)
  9. Children are never allowed in the whirlpool.
  10. There is absolutely no food or drink allowed in the pool area or locker rooms.
  11. Boys, over the age of 3, are not allowed in the Women’s Locker Room.
  12. Girls, over the age of 3, are not allowed in the Men’s Locker Room.
  13. The pool deck and Lobby are not to be used as a changing area. There are stalls available on the upper deck, and there is a handicapped / family restroom available near the Men’s Locker Room.
  14. Used towels are to be discarded in the appropriate receptacle located at the pool entrance.
  15. All children not toilet-trained are required to wear a swim diaper for the pool. Children without a swim diaper will not be allowed in the pool.
  16. If a child is absent from class, he or she is eligible for a Family Swim make-up slip, which will be issued by the Instructor upon request of the parent. This entitles the child and his or her family to join us for a Family Swim session free-of-charge. When possible, please notify a program representative of any foreseeable absences.
  17. In the rare event that a class must be cancelled, every effort will be made to contact the student in advance.
  18. In the event of a snowstorm, please call the Boston Athletic Club for information on class cancellations. In the event that a class is cancelled due to inclement weather, a make-up option will be determined and made available.
  19. We reserve the right to request that your child not participate in class if policies are not honored.
  20. Siblings receive a 15% discount for any Boston Athletic Club’s Children’s Program taken within the same session.
  21. All children need to be sent to class with a swim diaper/bathing suit. For safety reasons any child that arrives without the necessary equipment unfortunately will result in having to forfeit the swim portion of our program for that day and a Family Swim pass will be issued.
  22. Family Swim:

    All participants must pay at the front desk & provide a receipt to the lifeguard on duty at the beginning of the program start time.

    Rules & Regulations:

    * Family swim does not begin until a lifeguard has arrived and given the signal to enter the pool.

    *Parents/Guardians are required to remain on the pool deck with their children at all times.

    * Children must be accompanied by an adult when entering the locker rooms.

    * Children may not access any other areas of the facility other than the swimming pool and locker rooms; use of the whirlpool is prohibited.

    * Family swim is limited to 20 participates per lifeguard.

    **Please note: Family Swim will not be held on the following dates:

    Labor Day Weekend, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Easter Sunday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Memorial Day.

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