Just Try It! The BAC and ERGs

December 7, 2021

You may have seen our “ERG” small group training happening in the fitness center, and wondered from the elliptical, “is this some sort of class?” It is! It is! The personal training staff runs these smaller group classes over the course of a 6-week block. And you’re in luck, we have a NEW 6-week block starting up Oct 29- Oct. 8th! This week, starting Monday, Oct.22, is our “just try it” week, giving you the chance to get in on something exciting!

Classes are more intimate and offer the opportunity for more interaction with a trainer that is coaching the program. While still getting the motivation of a group environment, the experience becomes much more individualized. You will not be able to hide from your trainer (in a good way!) as we’ll be able to see you to correct form, to modify your exercises more directly, or like-wise, advance them in a way that is appropriate for you.

Kim has been taking class for over a year now and said, “I feel like I’m doing exercises that I would not do on my own. It’s nice to workout with other people in a small group as it makes workouts more fun, but I feel like I get enough individual feedback and instruction. I look forward to the class and it helps with my fitness goal of strength training.”

With classes programmed over the course of 6-weeks, you will surely see an improvement in yourself from week 1 to week 6. Maybe you can run further before needing to walk, you find you can hold planks longer, or you’ve progressed your squat from 12lb to 15lb kettlebells. There are so many ways ERG classes can help you achieve your fitness goals and classes are welcoming to many ability levels!

ERG stands for “exert, relate, grow,” and you’re sure to experience all of those in our small group training! You’ll be exposed to learning about, and using different types of equipment and you’ll gain more confidence with your own workouts in the fitness center.

Jackie, a BAC member has been taking class since joining the gym in 2016. She told us, ERGs are a great way to keep me motivated at the gym and reaching my fitness goals. The small size of the group creates more focus on the individual and helps me grow and be more confident at the gym.”

We offer classes in TRX/Kettlebell, boxing, and bootcamps-there’s sure to be a class or two for you! Follow us on Instagram @Bostonathleticclub to see more about ERGs!

Check-out our schedule here or email Janine with questions or to drop-in to a class this week.

Spaces are limited, so sign-up now via your account portal or with the front desk!

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