Tim Mayotte – Junior Tennis Academy

May 9, 2021

Tim Mayotte 

Tim Mayotte found his passion for coaching when he began to question and study why New England is no longer producing the same number of nationally ranked and professional tennis players as it had in the past. A native of Massachusetts, Tim reached a career high rank of #7 in the world and won a Silver Medal in the 1988 Olympics before moving back to New England to address the need for high performance training. Tim’s unique experiences as a Top Ten ATP Player, a student of psychology and a legendary coach, has changed the face of tennis in New England. The result is the Tim Mayotte Tennis Academy at The Thoreau Club and Boston Athletic Club.

The Tim Mayotte Tennis Academy

The Tim Mayotte Tennis Academy at The Thoreau Club and Boston Athletic Club offers individualized coaching and high-performance training for junior tennis players by developing the skills needed to compete at the highest levels. The Academy provides exceptional opportunities to develop player skills through its coaching staff, approach, facilities, and the opportunity to train and compete with high-level players. Every player receives a personalized program based on their skills and needs, while continuing to receive feedback during practice sessions. Our coaches travel with Academy players to tournaments fostering Player-Coach relationships and allowing for observation of competitive play. This is vital to player development. At the Tim Mayotte Tennis Academy, we know that each player has their own unique set of skills and we harness this to design programs specifically for each athlete.


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