How is Racquetball Played?

December 7, 2021

Racquetball was first invented in 1950 by a professional American tennis and squash player who wanted to create a game that involved elements of squash, handball, and paddleball. Racquetball was meant to be a fun game that was quick and easy to learn. 

 Racquetball Rules and Play

To play on a racquetball court, you’ll just need a ball and racquets. The racquetball court has four walls, fully enclosed, and is rectangular. 

Racquetball is played by either singles (two players) or doubles (four players). The game is played in rallies where only the server can get a point when the opponent can’t return the ball. A rally is over when a player can’t hit the ball before it bounces twice or if the ball touches the front wall before it touches the floor. Players can make their opponents run to all sides of the court or hit the ball low in hopes of getting a point and making it harder to return. 

You can only score a point on your own server. You can “win” the opponent’s serve but your team won’t get a point. Every serve that gets points is only worth one point and traditionally the first two games are played to 15 points. If both teams each win one game, then there is a tiebreaker game that is played to 11 points. 

Rules of Racquetball

  • The serve is played by the server hitting the ball onto the front wall and the opponent being able to return the ball. If the ball doesn’t hit the front wall then the serve is lost and the other team will serve. 
  • After the serve, the ball can be hit against either the walls or ceiling.
  • A “hinder” is an obstruction by another player getting in the way of the ball or in the way of the opponent’s view. If this happens, the play is replayed. If a “hinder” happens and it was a rally that would have been a point then, that player will automatically receive the point. 

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