Equipment We Love- Training Your Lats!

December 7, 2021

Our new rig allows for a lot of different attachments as discussed in our previous post. We have a few more larger pieces that will specifically help you work on engaging your latissimus dorsi muscle (lats) through scapular retraction and pull-up training.

  1. Rings– Like the TRX, this is a great tool to use for rows, to work on pinching your shoulder blades together and to strengthen multiple muscles through the mid back/scapulae. If you’d like to advance your muscle activation in preparation for some pull-up training, position yourself on your heels and let your arms go long, dropping your butt toward the ground in a hinge position. From there, you can retract (pinch) your shoulder blades down and back together.[wpvideo rl1hnHsf ]

    Imagine here that you are trying to put your shoulder blades in your back pocket. This will contract your lats for some beginner activation work. This is also a great exercise to help you warm-up and prepare for more advanced exercises.

  2. Pull-up Attachment– This may be a new one for you! The pull-up attachment on the rig features a few bars to grip in different positions to challenge your lats at a various angles of pull. Also featured are knobs of a couple different sizes to challenge your grip in advancing your pull-up abilities. Grip strength directly correlates with core strength, so the stronger you can make your grip, the stronger you’ll be over-all! If you’re new to training pull-ups or this is an advanced challenge for you, begin by pinching your shoulder blades together and holding your body up off the ground while squeezing your legs and feet together slightly out front.[wpvideo sZSUXU9G ]

    Having the legs/ feet in this position is important to properly engage your core so you are ensured you’re engaging your lats properly. If you are not quite tall enough to reach, you can use a box to give you some height and support as you begin working with this new attachment! If you can do a pull-up here, you can advance even further by holding yourself in the controlled hang position for 10 seconds, then add your pull-up. Try this for up to 5 or so pull-ups in a row and advance by increasing the time of your hang between reps!

  3. Climbing Rope- Everyone’s gym class nightmare is back…the rope climb! It may not seem like it, but you’ve got to have the lat strength to make this move happen. Start off with the knotted rope. Get your feet squeezing together on top of a knot. Gripping the rope overhead, pull yourself up the rope by lifting up through the chest and  riving your elbows down toward your ribs. Simultaneously, push off the knot with your feet, pull your knees up toward your chest, and get your feet on top of the next knot.[wpvideo TSCR54vv ]

    Continue this movement to make your way up the rope to the top!

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