Equipment We Love- The Stall Bars

December 7, 2021

In this month’s four-part series, we’ll be learning about some of the new equipment in the renovated performance center! We purchased some of the best equipment to help you meet your goals. We have two sets of stall bars, which, when you look at them, you may wonder, “what is this torture device for?!” Well, first, the bars are a great place to attach bands and do your resistance exercises. Offering different heights, you’ll be able to work your exercises at different angles. We also love the stall bars for stretching!

Here are some basic stretches you can do that will make you prepare for the movements of your workout:

  1. Squat, Hinge, StandThis will help stretch a little bit of everything- your hips/groin, latissimus dorsi (lats), hamstrings, and calves[wpvideo 1MdurjI1 ]
  2. Standing with the balls of your feet on the last rung at about hips width and gripping a bar at chest height with palms down, start to drop your butt down into a squat. Stay close to the bars and keep your chest up. Push your knees out slightly to help open and stretch the hips. Stay here for up to 30 seconds for your hip stretch. From there, keep your arms straight and push your hips back into a hinge position with a slight knee bend. Hanging your head between your arms, your chest should come down toward your thighs. Get a 2nd stretch here. Before pulling yourself toward the bars into standing, straighten out your legs all the way (if you can), squeeze your glutes, and pull yourself up into standing. This will give you your 3rd stretch into the calves. Repeat a few times as needed!
  3. Chest/ Anterior Shoulder StretchFacing away from the stall bars, place your heels on the bottom rung and reach for a bar behind you with a palm down grip. Try to work hands in, toward your sides, as opposed to keeping the hands out wide. You should feel like you’re “Rose” in the Titanic scene when she’s leaning over the bow of the ship!  Be sure you’re drawing in your core and pulling your belly button to your spine. Rolling the shoulders down and back, lift up through the chest and collar-bone area. This should feel like it’s opening up your chest and shoulders. You can also try a palm up grip!
  4. PlankingThis exercise is great for stretching and activating your shoulders, lats, and core. [wpvideo gd9E80Jc ]
  5. Begin by placing your hands on a bar at approximately shoulder height. Start to walk your feet back so that you are on your toes and your arms become fully extended. You are essentially in a stretched-out plank position. Be sure you’re letting your head hang between your biceps. You should feel like you are pushing your hands into the bar and pulling away simultaneously. Start to alternate walking your hands down the rungs while walking the feet back further to maintain that plank positioning. Go as low as you can (this is where our video starts) while keeping a strong core and to where you are comfortable. This can be challenging, so you can always rest a knee down on the ground if you need to. Once you are at the bottom, start to alternate the hands back up the rungs and move the feet in simultaneously.
  6.  Quad Stretch- Use an airex pad here, a rolled up towel, or mat (more padding will feel better though). Place your pad or towel on the floor fairly close to the bars. Turning your back to the bars, bend your knee for a standing quad stretch, but place your foot on the 3rd or 2nd to last rung. Bring your knee down on top of the pad/towel and step forward with the opposite foot into a kneeling lunge position. You should be feeling a fairly intense stretch through your quadriceps muscle group of the back leg and possibly into the front of the hip/hip flexor. Hands can be resting on the front thigh. Be sure you are keeping your core engaged. If you would like to deepen the stretch, reach both arms up overhead, and behind to find a bar to hold on to. Do not force this overhead stretch!

The “Stall Bars” offer the possibility of many more types of stretches and exercises- this is just a sampling of some of our favorites! Be sure to reach-out, or talk to us in person if you have any further questions. We’d be more than happy to help you with your form as you explore using this piece of equipment.

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