Equipment We Love- Lifting with Specialty Bars!

December 7, 2021
  1. Trap/Hex Bar (60lbs)- If you haven’t used these bars for your deadlifts before, they can really be helpful to improve your form. Having the plates set out to the side and the bar surrounding your body will load the weight into your core more directly, making you use the back of your legs/glutes for the movement. As a result, this helps to take stress off your back, especially when working with a heavier load. The size of this particular bar also helps it to rest a little higher off the ground, which will further reduce stress on the spine. If you are still working on your deadlift form- our new trap bar is the tool to use! (When you hit “play” the video will correct its orientation.)[wpvideo BkAmXNL6 ]
  2. Farmer Carry Bars (25lbs/ea)– These are a great way to mix up how your doing your carry work. These bars allow for a more complete grip of your hand (unlike using kettlebells where your fingers may get a little crunched up or pushed out of the grip). As a result they allow for the activation of larger muscle groups, and they help to take stress off of your rotator cuff. These bars help to create a better connection between your core and lats. Just like when using kettlebells for this carry work, you want to pick them up off the floor with good form- using your legs with an engaged core and shoulder blades pulled back together.[wpvideo z5Wwzmi3 ]
  3. Log Bar (52lbs)- This bar is another great way to mix up your lifts with an alternative grip that will challenge your strength in a different range of motion. This bar is an excellent option for your deadlifts, cleans, push-presses, and front squats. Utilizing it for front squats will will load into your core and will help to train your lats to create a stronger “shelf” with your shoulders. [wpvideo j5k5sOZo ]
  4. Multi-grip Bar (43lbs)- Again, this bar is an excellent option to work on strengthening movements through a slightly different range of motion than with a traditional Olympic bar, dumbbell, or kettlebell. Like the other specialty bars, it helps to activate larger muscle groups and create stronger connections between your core and upper body. This is great to work on overhead press, chest press, and the triceps.

If you would like to work on your lifting technique or want help incorporating these bars into your workout- let us know! We’d love to help you get comfortable using these to take your strength to the next level! Don’t hesitate to reach out to any of us: Fitness Consult & Training

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