May 30, 2023

“Life does not need to be a yo-yo. For me- consistency and education were key. Want to make a good investment? Make it in yourself!”
Meet Isabella

“[Janine] does a great job adapting to my limitations due to injury, tightness, and other issues that arise. I really enjoy our sessions and feel that we’ve made a lot of progress.”
Meet Terry

“As of today I have lost 92 pounds in one year”
See Denise’s Letter

“I’ve already dropped a dress size in two months and I feel I look different”
Meet Bethany

“I have lost 25 pounds, dropped dress sizes, and now have co-workers telling me I need to get my clothes tailored!”
Meet Ann Marie

“Since I began training I no longer have to take the blood pressure medication that I was on, and I’ve dropped 3 pants sizes and lost 40 pounds!”
Meet Maureen

“In 3 months I noticed significant changes in my body!”
Meet Stephen

“During the Biggest Loser Program, I lost 24 more pounds, bringing my total loss since joining the BAC to 60 pounds!”
Meet Lindsay

“Training at the BAC has helped my family and myself become quicker, stronger and more flexible, which in turn has helped us to become better athletes.”
Meet Stephen

“The two month [Biggest Loser] program has really kept me focused on my goal. I have lost 35 pounds on the program and 117 pounds total!”
Meet Adam

Coming to the Boston Athletic Club “gives us another activity to do together that makes us individually feel good. Coming here is fun and it’s almost like a date! You spend 3 or 4 hours at the club together and know that it is time well spent.”
Meet Steven and Claire

“I feel like I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in!”
Meet Kristin

Dr. Stone and his wife Sarah, long-term members of the Boston Athletic Club who have overcome medical challenges due to their regular exercise regimen.
Meet the Stones

“We both care about our health and fitness level and enjoy participating in activities together”
Meet Heather and Jeremy

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