Valerie Courtney

December 7, 2021

Valerie joined the BAC in January of 2019 after earning her Personal Training Certification from NASM. She has always been involved in sports and competitively swam for over two decades.

Valerie played water polo at Northeastern University, where she graduated with a BS in Political Science. After graduating, she found it difficult to find exercise that provided the same intensity as swimming and water polo. Eventually, Valerie found boxing and hurling. She started working with a trainer who was truly passionate about her development as a boxer and as an athlete. Her trainer helped her to learn how to develop her own workouts outside of practice and classes to perform better and compete at a higher level. Valerie decided she wanted to help people in their fitness journeys the way others helped her.

Valerie is passionate about strength, conditioning, and swimming. She has experience working with people at all fitness levels and ages. Additionally, Valerie is Water Safety Instructor Certified with 8 years of experience teaching and coaching children. She teaches swimming lessons for all ages as well as group exercise classes.  Outside of the BAC, Valerie trains in Jujitsu, Muay Thai, MMA, and plays hurling for the Worcester Fenians. In her spare time, she enjoys watching rugby and GAA, knitting, and creating healthy, delicious recipes.

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