Sarah Loiselle

January 18, 2021

I graduated from Springfield College with a Bachelors Degree in Applied Exercise Science with a concentration in Sports Performance.  Playing 2 years of soccer in college, I quickly became familiar with the strength and conditioning department, and developed strong strengths and interest in the field.

I have held internships at Div. 1 colleges and universities such as Holy Cross and Harvard, where I worked with a wide variety of teams for both men and women.  Being interested in a variety of age groups, I sought out different types of jobs so as not to get stuck specializing in only one area. These jobs consisted of working with a youth ice hockey team consisting of boys ages 10-14, a co-ed mixed sport high school group, and a girls club soccer group consisting of U-12 and U-14 year olds.

Before coming to the Boston Athletic Club, I grew my personal training experience at another club, working with an older population as well as members struggling with shoulder, hip and ankle mobility issues, back injuries or weaknesses, and knee injuries.  I believe that as a trainer it is important to make sure these individuals know that they are still capable of exercising and improving their quality of life by working on what they’ve got, and working to improve on the weaknesses they have.  I am very excited to work with and build a rapport with members of the BAC!

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