Battling with Battle Ropes

December 7, 2021

The battle ropes are another great way to challenge your upper body muscular endurance and aerobic capacity! They can be used as an exercise within a strength circuit or you can complete the rope exercises within their own interval set. While using the ropes try to stay relaxed, keep your core engaged, and don’t forget to breathe!

  1. Alternating Waves– Standing in an athletic mini-squat stance with weight into the balls of your feet, hold the ropes on the ends. Keep your elbows in tight and alternate your arms like your beating a dumb to create individual alternating waves with the ropes.Click here for Battle Rope Waves
  2. Slams- This is more of a total body movement! Starting again in an athletic stance, bring both arms up high and slam the ropes down to the ground by pulling your arms down to the ground and bringing your hips back over your heels.Click here for Battle Rope Slams
  3. Snakes– Return to your athletic stance and keep the arms low. Create horizontal waves or “snakes “on the ground by working your arms side to side. Click Here for Battle Rope Snakes
  4. Circles-A serious shoulder exercise, and total body exercise, from your athletic stance, arms can start in together and move up, and out to create circles. Click here for Battle Rope Circles-Out They can also move in the opposite direction, starting moving outside and low, going up and coming down at the midline of your body. Click here for Battle Rope Circles-In These will most certainly require more movement through your whole body for stability and your core!
  5. Jax– Taking up some slack on the rope, hold one side in each hand with the end of the rope flipped up and start with your arms low by your side. Do jumping jacks with the rope by hopping your feet out wide and bringing the arms up overhead! Click here for Battle Rope Jumping Jacks
  6. Uppercuts– Standing in your athletic mini squat stance, hold the end up the rope in each hand, with the butt of the rope curved up to the ceiling. Holding each end, pivot off one foot and throw and upper-cut with the rope of the side you’re pivoting from. Continue to shift from side to side pivoting while throwing upper-cuts with the rope. Click here for Battle Rope Uppercuts
  7. Add-ins– Squats and lunges are easily added into some of these exercises as an added challenge!

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