4 Ways to Stay Motivated For The Gym

May 27, 2022
motivational quote for the gym

No matter what your fitness goals are (losing weight, gaining muscle, etc.), being consistent with your workouts is key. One of the main reasons that people end up giving up on their goals is a lack of accountability and motivation. Motivation is something that takes time to build upon internally. Even the gym gurus, bodybuilders, marathon runners, fitness instructors, and personal trainers that you may look up to struggle with the same ebbs and flows of motivation.  The truth is that motivation comes and goes, and some days you’ll be filled with excitement and motivation to reach your goals, and others you’ll be dragging yourself off the couch asking “is this really worth it?” This is where discipline kicks in. Writing down your goals and creating a routine will help immensely. If you’re someone that struggles with staying motivated for your fitness goals, we have some tips to keep you going!  

Set Goals & Write Them Down! 

Setting clear, concise, and realistic goals is the first step. If your long term goal, for example, is to lose 50 pounds, this can seem like an extremely challenging and scary goal to tackle. However, breaking this large goal down into smaller, achievable goals on a short term scale makes it more manageable, and gives you a more detailed plan to follow. Try breaking your goal out into weekly, monthly, and even yearly goals if necessary! Writing your goals down somewhere that you’ll seem them daily will help to push you on days that you may be lacking motivation. Try writing them on a post-it note on the fridge, in your daily planner, as your phone screensaver, or wherever you will see it often! 

Create a Routine

Like we mentioned earlier, when motivation starts to lack, that’s when discipline kicks in. Having a set schedule that you’ve created for yourself makes it much easier. Whether it be waking up an hour earlier to fit in a workout, or packing gym clothes to go straight from work, it should become routine. This takes the questioning out of the equation, and whether you have the motivation or not, it just becomes a part of your schedule. Find what works best for you and your schedule, and stick to it! 

Make it Enjoyable 

It can be hard enough to motivate yourself to go to the gym, and especially if it’s not something you like doing! There are so many different forms of exercise, so why not choose one you like doing? Finding something you love will make it much easier to stay motivated. Try switching up your routines frequently, adding new exercises, trying group workout classes, and keep it exciting! Not only will it be more enjoyable, but you’ll be challenging your body in new ways, too! 

Work With a Personal Trainer at Boston Athletic Club 

If you’re struggling to stay motivated on your own, sometimes the extra push from a personal trainer may be just what you need! They can hold you accountable, provide guidance throughout your workouts, and create plans that continuously challenge you. Our certified personal trainers at Boston Athletic Club will work with you to set attainable goals, and create a plan to get you there! Interested in learning more about our personal training sessions? Get in contact with us today to setup a consultation!

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