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Free Member Programs
July 10 – August 18

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athlete testing    Want to measure your athletic abilities? Test your vertical jump, broad jump & 60 yard shuttle run. Each one-hour workout will consist of a dynamic warm-up, movement prep & athletic assessment followed by a cool-down & stretch. Open to all athletes.

aquafit     Aquafit is a water-based workout that utilizes a floating Aquabase to strengthen the entire body while improving core strength and balance. Using unique & challenging movements derived from yoga, Pilates & bodyweight training, stabilizer muscles throughout the body are conditioned in a way you’ve never felt before!
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barre technique     Start having fun at the other bar…Barre! Don’t be intimidated by the lingo; tuck, hold, heavy tailbone, pulse, wide second, first position relevé’!  What does it all mean?!!  Our 45-minute technique class will make sense of it all. This class will break it all down, taking you through each movement pattern slowly.

foam rolling 101    If you still think that foam rollers are for everyone else, then you are missing out on one of the most effective tools at your disposal for physique-building, recovery and injury prevention. Rollers are the most popular mechanism for self-myofascial release (breaking up those knots you feel!) & are gaining popularity among all levels of exercisers because of the drastic & immediate impact it has on their performance & overall health. Give us 30 minutes of your time & we’ll show you how it’s done.

group power skills    Have you ever wished you had more time during a Group Power class to go over the form & technique of each exercise? Or have you shied away from Group Power because you’re not sure you would know what to do? Join us for Group Power Skills, a 30 minute instruction class to master the form & technique of each exercise & get more bang for your buck in class.

intro to tennis    Tennis is fun! Tennis is fitness! Tennis is friends! And for 6 weeks at the BAC, tennis is FREE! Tennis is a sport you can enjoy with friends & family for a lifetime. For beginners or begin-againers — come meet our tennis pros for an hour clinic & we’ll get you started! Register online under Classes & Courses / Classes / Tennis.

kettlebell masters    Take the time to master the proper form while using one of the most popular & versatile pieces of equipment in the gym. In 45 minutes, learn how kettlebells can increase your range of motion, endurance & strength. Our first class will focus on deadlifts & swings. The follow up class will focus on strength & stretching.

lunch box workout    Take advantage of your lunch break! Twenty minutes of cardio & 30 minutes of weights will leave you feeling strong & revived for the last half of your day.

meet your match    This one-hour class is for players who are new to the BAC tennis scene or are looking to find new tennis partners. The hour will consist of tennis drills that measure a range of skill sets to determine a player’s current level. Our pro can then map out a plan with necessary resources to further develop your tennis game. We’ll provide a USTA rating by the end of class. Let us give clarity to finding a good fit with BAC offerings or aid in finding your ideal practice partner. Meet your match! Register online under Classes & Courses / Classes / Tennis.

mini band methods     This 30 minute hands on workshop will focus on strengthening both your upper & lower body using mini bands. We’ll teach you methods for strengthening your hips & engaging your glutes as well as tips for activating the shoulders & improving posture.

nutrition seminar    Are you busting your butt in the gym or logging in miles of “cardio” but not seeing results? Is your current diet sabotaging all of your hard work? Do you think calorie restriction is the answer to weight loss? Are you a yo-yo dieter, losing & gaining weight over & over? Join us for an eye-opening discussion abut food journaling & learn methods for reaching your nutrition goals!

parent / tot family swim    Pack your suits & join us for some weekly family fun in the swimming pool! This 30-minute complimentary program runs for 6 weeks every Tuesday from 7/11 to 8/15. Pre-registration is required as space is limited. A parent/guardian must accompany children in the pool at all times. Please note – registration is not available online for this program. Register with Jaimeat

swim stroke clinic    Do you want to improve your swimming stroke? Join us for a 45 minute clinic that focuses on freestyle swimming. You’ll learn drills that will help master your freestyle & improve your efficiency in the pool. From casual swimmers to triathletes, we’ll focus on improvements for all.

wellness for women    Are you looking for natural ways to manage your health & wellness? This class will show you how the holistic healing power of 100% natural essential oils can help you on your journey to better wellness by boosting your immune system, achieving a healthy gut and digestive system, managing weight and appetite, managing skin and complexion issues & more!