Running Club

running club

The BAC Running Club is free as part of your BAC Membership, and is an ongoing program that you may join at anytime! Rita Senier will be leading the runs however there will also be additional support from other BAC Trainers.  This additional support will offer such things as nutrition, stretching, form, hydration, core strength, upcoming race information, and much more.

We will also have printed course maps for our weekly runs.  This will keep you, the runner, in the “loop” at all times of upcoming runs, dates, times, etc.  It will also allow you to learn about different routes in our beautiful city and branch out beyond Day Boulevard!!!

The BAC Running Club will meet on the following days and times:

Monday evenings at 7pm

Wednesday mornings at 6am; and

Saturday mornings at 7am (longer run)

If you are interested in joining, please email Rita at