ERG – Performance Training Programs


ERGs are 6-Week Performance Training Programs designed to help people achieve looking better, feeling better and living better through a variety of modes of exercise over one-hour periods of time. Get the up close and personal attention of BAC Personal Trainers motivating you and the team – you won’t believe how hard you can work out. Check out the latest programs below!

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3-week Mini Holiday ERG Session
December 20 – January 6


6:00am Kettlebell Training (Rich)
6:30pm Get FITT (Janine)
10:00am Boot Camp (Rich)
11:00am Old Bastards (Rich)




KETTLEBELL TRAINING Kettlebell Training allows every participant the opportunity to gain strength, mobility and muscular endurance. Learning how to properly use a Kettlebell with proper form, exercise and timing, you will be empowered to get the most out of your workouts! This is the perfect program for people looking to relieve back and hip pain, strengthen their core and gain full body strength.

BOOT CAMP A combination of strength, cardio, muscle endurance, flexibility, core, and functional movement patterns. You get EVERYTHING you need! – Time Efficient Training.

GET FITT F.I.T.T is a foundational principle of training that refers to “frequency, intensity, time, and type.” Switching up these training variables for your strength and cardio performance will bring in a weekly full body challenge for all levels. Use of intervals will build your muscular and cardiovascular endurance- as a result, your body will burn calories long after the last exercise is over! You will see an improvement in your abilities while exercising in a positive, and fun environment. If you are ready for the next step with your fitness, and want to learn how to advance your exercises, FITT Training is sure to keep you progressing each week!

OLD BASTARDS If you have to squint to read this, then you likely belong in this boot camp. We promise no running and no jumping. We work with medicine balls, kettlebells and TRX Trainers in a circuit training format, performing highly functional movements. The class finishes with stretching and range of motion work to make sure everything still works the next day.