ERG – Performance Training Programs


ERGs are 6-Week Performance Training Programs conducted in the ERG Center. The programs are designed to help people achieve looking better, feeling better and living better through a variety of modes of exercise over one-hour periods of time. Get the up close and personal attention of BAC Personal Trainers motivating you and the team – you won’t believe how hard you can work out. Check out the latest programs below!

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Kettlebell Training allows every participant the opportunity to gain strength, mobility and muscular endurance during their workout. Learning how to properly use a kettlebell with proper form, exercise and timing, you will be empowered to get the most out of your workouts! This is the perfect program for people looking to relieve back and hip pain, strengthen their core and gain full body strength.

GYM CLASS – CAITLIN [Mon 4:30pm / Wed 4:30pm]
Tired of the same boring workout with no one but yourself to keep you motivated? GYM CLASS gives you a chance to change things up and have some FUN while doing it! Designed as a circuit workout, you are your own competition regarding weights, reps and intensity. Fellow Gym Class’ers will motivate and challenge you to reach new levels of fitness. Boost your conditioning and confidence in this high intensity program using TRX Suspension Trainers, Battle Ropes, Kettlebells, Sleds, BOSU Balls and more!

BUNS and GUNS – SARAH [Mon 7pm]
A class for individuals who want to target common problem areas and improve their all-around fitness. Hit areas like Glutes, Arms (triceps particularly), Core (Abs & Back), and all around total body training to cover all aspects of strength & conditioning! Working in a circuit format, you will also be incorporating cardiovascular training to get your heart rate up and improve your general conditioning level.

TOTAL TRAINING – ALEXIS [Tues 6am / Thurs 6am]
Total Training is a 6-week program designed to energize your fitness plan and keep you motivated. Whether you are a newcomer to our fitness programs or a seasoned veteran this workout can be modified to help you reach your goals. Each workout is designed to encompass a full body routine while focusing on functional training and improving core strength and muscle activation.

The Boston Athletic Club is the perfect setting for athletes to make tremendous improvements in their performance. With this program, you will find an unparalleled, energetic, and motivating training atmosphere that combines extensive knowledge and cutting-edge training principles with plenty of attitude.

SPIN POWER – Janine [Wed 5:30pm]
If you enjoy Spinning, outdoor cycling, or are simply looking to take your fitness to the next level, then join Janine on The Spinner® Blade ION™ bike! It was designed to track real power to allow you to measure progress and learn which fitness variables you need to change to gain greater training efficiency for results. Calories are also accurately calculated to help you manage nutrition for weight loss and energy demands!

Starting the program with a Personal Spinning Threshold Test (PST) will create customized training zones so you can compare results over the 6-week program. We’ll also include an off-bike warm-up and cool down to keep your body feeling its best. With great music to keep you motivated, class is appropriate for all levels who would like a way to track improvements for performance and weight management!

F.I.T.T. TRAINING – JANINE [Wed 6:30pm / Sat 9am]
F.I.T.T. is a foundational principle of training that refers to “frequency, intensity, time, and type.” Switching up these training variables will bring in a weekly full body challenge for all levels. Designed to build your strength and aerobic capacity, this class will keep you burning calories long after the last exercise is over! You will see an improvement in your abilities while exercising in a positive, and fun environment. If you are ready for the next step with your fitness, and want to learn how to advance your exercises, FITT Training is sure to keep you progressing each week!

Triathlon Training season 2017 is here!  Join Terry Thursday mornings starting with a 6am spin class followed by the weekly brick run and finishing in the pool to work on technique and conditioning.  Workout wraps up by 8:20am.  Benefit from weekly online support, mock triathlons and open water swimming as the warmer weather moves in.  Join in on one of the fastest growing sports – all levels and distances welcome!

If you have to squint to read this, then you likely belong in this boot camp. We promise no running and no jumping. We work with medicine balls, Kettlebells and TRX Trainers in a circuit training format, performing highly functional movements. The class finishes with stretching and range of motion work to make sure everything still works the next day.