ERG Performance Training Programs

November 20, 2018


ERG programs are performance-based and results-oriented Boot Camps designed to help people look better, feel better and live better. Each class is one hour and is designed to push you a little bit further than you would normally push yourself.  By joining one of our ERG programs you are included as part of a a team that will provide social support and camaraderie…it’s a great environment for those who find it hard to develop a habit of exercise.

So if you want to reduce your body fat, high blood pressure, hypertension and stress levels, all while boosting your mood – join us for our next session! Everyone is welcome!

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6-Week FALL SESSION: Oct 29 – Dec 8
$120 members  /  $179 non-members

6:00am Kettlebell & TRX (Rich)
4:30pm Boot Camp (Caitlin)
7:00pm Boot Camp (Sarah)
6:00am Boot Camp (Rita)
6:00pm Boot Camp (Rich)
6:00pm Boxing (Genevieve)

6:00am Kettlebell & TRX (Rich)
10:00am Boot Camp (Rita)
4:30pm Boxing (Caitlin)
6:00pm Boot Camp (Janine)*
6:00am Boot Camp (Janine)*
6:00pm Boxing (Genevieve)*
6:30pm Barbell Boot Camp (Dani)*
6:00am Boot Camp (Rich)*
7:30am Boot Camp (Rita)
8:30am Boot Camp (Janine)*
10:00am Boot Camp (Rich)
11:00am Old Bastards (Rich)

*These programs will not run the week of Thanksgiving – their last week will be Dec 10-15



TRX & Kettlebell Training: This program uses 2 very effective and efficient implements for exercise; allowing every participant the opportunity to gain strength, mobility and muscular endurance. Learning how to properly use these pieces of equipment with proper form, exercise and timing, you will be empowered to get the most out of your workouts! This is the perfect program for people looking to relieve back and hip pain, strengthen their core and gain full body strength.

Boxing: Our Boxing ERG is a fun and fast-paced circuit-style class that combines boxing and functional training to increase your aerobic endurance, build strength and create or improve your boxing skills. Classes are varied each week and include a mix of jump roping, shadow boxing, heavy bag drills, core work to give you a full body workout in under an hour – guaranteed!

Boot Camp: BAC Boot Camp is a 6-week program designed to energize your fitness routine and keep you motivated! Each workout encompasses a full body routine while focusing on functional training and improving core strength and muscle activation. Training with Sleds, Battle Ropes, TRX Suspension Trainers, Medicine Balls and more, every exercise can be modified for all levels and abilities. If you’re ready for the next step with your fitness, Boot Camp will boost your conditioning and confidence in a fun and challenging group setting!

Barbell Boot Camp: Challenge all of your muscle groups with the 7 key lifts to success (Bench Presses, Shoulder Presses, Squats, Deadlifts, Lunges, Rows and Pull-ups). This strength training Boot Camp will focus on lifting technique, core stability and overall fitness using barbells, kettlebells, free-weights, plyometric and body weight exercises – and good old fashioned grit and grind!