Gene Pacelli

November 20, 2018

Gene began teaching yoga in 1979, and his current style of teaching draws on a number of different traditions.  He first studied yoga at the Sivananda Yoga Center in NYC, then at the Himalayan Institute with Swami Rama.  Then, after studying with Swami Bua, he received instruction in Taoist Yoga from Mantak Chia.  Subsequent teachers included Mark Becker (Serenity Yoga); Sam Dworkis, Mary Dunn, and Dona Holleman (Iyengar Yoga); Derek Ireland, Beryl Bender Birch, and David Swenson  (Ashtanga Yoga).

Each of Gene’s classes is a fresh exploration, which helps you maintain your interest and give your full attention to activating your muscles in different sequences and using your body more effectively.  For those interested in a very intense style of yoga, Gene offers an exhilarating, aerobic type of yoga, orchestrating breath, movement, and stretching to penetrate deep patterns of tension in the body – and bring about significant increases in strength and flexibility.

Gene also uses his background in anatomy, physiology, nutrition, yogic esotericism, and other philosophical and spiritual teachings – most especially the profound wisdom-teaching of his own Guru, Avatar Adi Da Samraj – to help you understand your body, how it affects your feelings and thoughts, and how it is in turn affected by your diet, your emotions, and your state of mind.