Aqua Fit

July 16, 2018


Did you know that your foot has almost an identical architecture to your hand? Imagine if you stuffed your hands in thick gloves all day. You’d decrease your awareness and sensation in those limbs. When your foot is in a shoe all day, it makes the muscles, tendons, and ligaments weak. You lose mobility in your foot because it’s not moving over the ground like it’s suppose to. Plus, your toes are crammed and can’t splay correctly when you wear sneakers. This can alter the mechanics of your ankles and knees during many exercises, hindering your form and increasing your risk of injury.

Aquafit is a water-based workout that utilizes a floating Aquabase to strengthen the entire body while improving core strength and balance. Plus, training barefoot on the Aquabase helps strengthen and stabilize the feet and ankles. Using unique and challenging movements derived from yoga, pilates and bodyweight training, stabilizer muscles throughout the body are conditioned in a way you’ve never felt before!

Spend an hour enjoying your workout while challenging and strengthening your entire body. Choose between one-on-one or two-on-one sessions. Invite a friend to join you for a semi-private session and have twice the fun!

Work out on your own, or with a friend!

1-on-1 Session  $80
6 Sessions         $456
12 Sessions       $888

Semi-Private Session $125
6 Sessions                  $712
12 Sessions                $1,387

Contact Trista directly to set up your Aquafit session!